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We sell original BluBlocker sunglasses for many years. The sunglasses became famous all over the world because of the movie "The Hangover". But also because of the model aviators, who are a big fan of the BluBlocker sunglasses. The BluBlocker sunglasses have been sold more than a million times worldwide. 

BluBlocker sunglasses stand out because of their unique and distinctive style and because of the glasses that were developed by NASA.

Blue Blocker, BlueBlocker or BluBlockers? Whats the correct spelling?

It is quiet simple. We split up the word BluBlocker into two components:

Blu = blue        I     Blocker = block 

The name BluBlockers is program

The sunglasses were developed by NASA. They filter blue ligh and give you an unique clear and sharp view. Details like shady areas become visible.

In addition, the BluBlocker sunglasses are scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable.

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