Nikki Sixx BluBlocker sunglasses


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Nikki Sixx Limited Edition
Block harmful ultraviolet rays, experience unparalleled crisp and clear vision - black

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Product Description

Nikki Sixx, one of the most recognizable and respected rock musicians in the world, recently discovered the BluBlocker technology and is so impressed he wants to share the shades and spread the word!.  This special LIMITED edition of our classic Aviator style was personally chosen for his fans by Nikki for their style, wearability, construction and technology, and it's the same style he chose for himself.


Nikki also wanted something special for his fans so he designed an exclusive BluBlocker collectors box - a one of a kind special offer.

"I have teamed up with BluBlocker sunglasses to bring you the best shades I've ever owned I wanted to share my special edition did Nikki Sixx launches today . " Facebook Fan Page Nikki Sixx 


Nikki Sixx sunglasses


The origins of BluBlocker® Sunglasses started with the NASA space program. Astronauts needed strong protection for their eyes in outer space where ultraviolet rays were much stronger than on earth.   Nikki loves the amber Malenium® lenses that block 100% of the UV light but also 100% of the blue light.


With exceptional visual clarity and sharpness, ultra-light construction, and superior comfort, the ultimate classic BluBlocker sunglasses are great for blocking the sun during summer fun or looking like a rock star while you’re hanging out. While blocking harmful ultraviolet rays you will experience unparalleled crisp and clear vision.
Available in stock in small limited quantities !

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Gender: unisex
Color : black
UV protection: yes
Weight: 23 grams
Lens width: 6.5 cm
Strap length : 15 cm
Nose bridge width : 0.9 cm
Sunglasses width: 15.5 cm

Included in the Special Edition:

Drawstring pouch, collectible sunglass pin, neckstrap, all inside a special limited edition box

Item number: 1000.2702


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